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Air Turnover is a generic HVAC industry term for an indirect fired, floor mounted type of gas-fired or oil-fired heating equipment that is used in large open area industrial buildings and warehouses. Air turnover type equipment recirculates large amounts of hot air that is normally trapped at the ceiling and reduces air stratification by frequently rotating the air within the building space. When properly engineered and applied, the air turnover heating method will result in a very uniform temperature throughout the space that will save energy, improve comfort, and greatly reduce possible condensation on stored products within the space. Unlike direct fired equipment, indirect fired air turnover equipment does not add moisture from combustion byproducts into the building environment. The original air turnover concept was a patented process (Patent #2984416) pioneered as Johnson Air-Rotation by Johnson Heater Corp. over 50 years ago and Air Rotation has been a registered trademark (Serial Number 73801842) of Johnson Heater Corporation since December 4, 1990. Since 1984, Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc. has specialized in energy efficient heating of industrial buildings and warehouses. ThermoRotation and ThermoCycler are registered trademarks (Serial Numbers 1893585 and 1591903) of Thermo-Cycler Industries Inc. For more information about the most energy efficient warehouse heating and ventilation systems for pre-engineered industrial buildings, please visit:
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